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When we speak about happiness, inner peace and well-being, in a way we are speaking about experiences, moments, people and places that convey something special. I have lived for several  years in this land of light, under the warm sun, bathing in the blue of the Mediterranean. I have enjoyed every moment of its wonderful history, breathing the fragrant perfumes of the gardens of the Alhambra palaces, and through this I have learned the art of living, sharing, and enjoyment.

After having felt this vital energy, the idea came to me of sharing it with others. Through this emerged the Andalusian Way to Happiness: a brief introduction to a great civilization which gave so much to humanity and from which we can still learn today. Apart from ways to relax, unwind and find enjoyment, this project also offers deeper experiences that make us grow as human beings.

We achieve this through thematic visits in the region, Al-Andalus massages and bathsdishes and delights of Al- Andalus, music but primarily and most importantly through Andalusian meditation. Enjoying the sun and sea. Harmony with mother Nature, just like in the times of Al-Andalus.

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I met Nizar in the fall of 2014, and from the start it was clear to me how exceptional he is. He is a natural leader and facilitator; his empathetic, patient, and thoughtful nature win him the respect and trust of all those he comes in contact with. Nizar remains completely immersed in the present moment, and he always gives his full attention to the place, time, and people he is with. He is a gift to his community and to everyone who has the privilege of knowing him.

TANIA FLORES Occidental College (California, United States of America)

Nízar ha caminado siempre en los valores importantes de la vida, los que tienen realmente trascendencia, los que nacen del interior, desde el profundo ser humano que él es: entrega al aprendizaje, al magisterio de aprender para convertirse también en maestro, uniendo arte y conocimiento. Sus pasos son los que dejan huella, tienen sentido en la generosidad, raíces y savia, ramas y fruto.

PEDRO ENRÍQUEZ (Poeta, narrador y editor)

"La vida siempre nos reserva sorpresas y nunca había pensado encontrar una persona tan importante para mi como Nizar que ha hecho de mi estancia en Granada aun más feliz! Gracias a el me he conectado con el espíritu de Granada y su fascinante historia! Su forma de ser fue un regalo para mi enseñandome lo necesario que es trabajar para un mundo más pacífico y abierto!"

SERENA RUSSO (Redactora en Revista de Cine Encadenados , Italia)

The Andalusian Way to Happiness

“The best University is the travel”.
-Paul Coelho-

The Andalusian Way to Happiness (AWH) is a project that offers a new way to spend the holidays, to travel and to explore the world. It offers an authentic and unique vital experience. This project is not only a way to relax and have fun, but also to go through a life-enriching experienceon a human level. It provides fulfilment, peace, and happiness.

The Andalusian way to happiness not only provides the opportunity to meet a great civilization of beauty, splendour and a fascinating life-philosophy. It provides a way to experience it with all your senses!

To achieve this goal we have designed a unique and original program. A flexible program that is adapted to your conditions and needs, maintaining a high quality of service and personalised advice.

I hope that you will love the experience as much as others who have already walked the Way to Happiness in Andalusí style!

Kind regards


 What is the Andalusian Way to Happiness ?

It is a system of education that was practised in Al-Andalus and has been revived by important modern-day teachers. Through teachings and meditation and relaxation exercises, which will be taught publicly for the first time here in Spain, the intention is to offer knowledge and the necessary practices to enable those who wish to know themselves to develop their potential and consciousness in order to achieve a transformation that will allow them to attain inner peace.

The Andalusian path to happiness is not a path of celestial landscapes; it is a path based on effort, work and discipline, but always with love and compassion.

The courses: as well as imparting the knowledge and teachings of al- Andalus, the courses are also based on psychological and scientific techniques such as the power of the word, the power of the unconscious mind, psychological resilience and emotional intelligence.

A unique Relaxation experience

As children, we are usually taught mathematics, languages, geography …. All these things are important. However, in my opinion there is something more important and that is to know ourselves, to know how to relate to ourselves, to better understand our nature as human beings, to develop and bring out all our inner potential. All this helps us confront the world we live in in a positive way. taking as the starting point the fact that we are not in the world by accident but that each of us has something special to contribute to this world and we each do it in our own individual way.

What does science say?

Often, people survive rather than live. They ask questions like ‘Why doesn’t this happen?’ Or ‘Why does this always happen to me?’

“Until the unconscious becomes conscious, the subconscious will continue directing your life and you will call it fate. ” Carl Gustav Jung

We will go into these subjects in more depth in our courses. But what has to be clear before we even start is that the latest scientific investigations show us a totally unknown reality: that human beings are not programmed for war and conflict as was thought. We are not in this world to suffer. The American scientist Gregg Braden published research which shows that in reality we are all connected and that our existence is based on co-operation, not competition. It shows that the crisis at both the human and the material level is no more than a cry for necessary change. However, everything starts from within. Peace starts in the depths of each of us!

Many people have already joined the Andalusian way to Happiness

The most inspiring person I met was Nizar Liemlahi. Step by step I got to know him better and now I’m happy to call himmy teacher and especially my friend. It is so easy to let time passing by with him and never will time be wasted. In his presence you feel welcome, in his smile you see the purity of honesty and in his eyes you discover the vitality of life. Being with him teaches you enjoying the moment, it makes you stop thinking about your sorrows and reminds you about living your life as you wish. His spirituality make you feel flying towards your longings..All this positive energy is reunited and realized in the Andalusian way of happiness.


Hemos olvidado que significa felicidad y cual es el camino hacia ella. Nuestro querido maestro Nizar con la primera clase que nos ha dado "El camino andalusí hacia la felicidad´´ nos hizo comenzar nuestro camino de la paz a través de enseñanzas sufis muy importantes y a través de la meditación sufi. Para personas espirituales o menos seguro que fue una experiencia muy fuerte y aunque fue solo nuestro primer pequeño paso, pienso que todos salimos del Palacio de los Olvidados, mas felices, mas tranquilos, con mas amor hacia nosotros mismos y hacia los demas haber aprendido cosas muy importantes en la primera parte de la enseñanza  y haber contemplado a nuestra alma en la parte de la meditación. Muchas gracias Nizar!

NEFELI (Grecia)

Me gustó muchísimo tu curso. Sabía muy poco sobre el sufismo. Las ideas y filosofía me encantan. Son muy relacionadas con otras prácticas que conozco del desarrollo personal e incluso de la práctica y las ideas de biodanza, sobre todo en eso de la conexión con su mismo, con otras personas y con la naturaleza y en el énfasis en ser positivo y agradecido. Pero el sufismo tiene otro elemento también, en la practica de la meditación para lograr la paz interior. Tu manera de impartir el curso también me encantó. Captaste toda mi atención durante dos horas ¡Algo que no es fácil! He aprendido mucho. Gracias Nizar.

BARBARA LAMPLUGH (Escritora & novelista. Reino Unido)

Hola Nizar, quería decirte que me has transmitido mucha PAZ...

Y eso a una personita tan inquieta como yo es todo un hermoso regalo. Graciaaaas.

MAITE ARREDONDO (Profesora de inglés. Granada)

Andalusian Meditation

 What is de Andalusian Meditation?

There is a lot of talk about meditation but in few occasion explains what it is, or what it’s for, their benefits on the body , the subconscious mind and the soul.

In all the spiritual traditions of the world has practiced meditation. According to some teachers this practice existed from there is the man. 
its benefits are so much and for those who practiced meditation is vital as the water and oxygen. Both body and soul need to wash and purify themselves every day.

In Al-Andalus, Christians, Muslims and Jews lived together in harmony for centuries. Meditation, relaxation and wellbeing in general were fundamental elements of this great civilization. Fountains, gardens, cisterns and Arab baths filled the cities Moorish architecture. That is why water was a key element in the practice of the great masters of Al-andalus. Its important that YOU are unique and not anybody have revived this unique tradition to share it with everyone, for the first time here in Spain and in Europe generally.

The Andalusian Way to Happiness meditation classes are a set of techniques where reconciliation, relaxation and inner peace are the ultimate goal. Primarily based on compassion and love.

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About me

Nizar Liemlahi

The Andalusian path to happiness is without doubt one of the most important projects of my life since it is thanks to this that I have found myself. In my conferences, motivation courses, healing therapies and even in each song I compose, the objective is always the same, to transmit to people the happiness and human values which will help them to be at peace with themselves.

Founder of the intercultural centre Dar Loughat Granada
Speaker, singer and composer
I collaborate in educational and artistic projects with the University of Granada, the Spanish Red Cross, the Andalusian Regional Government and Granada Town Hall.
Ex-Secretary General of UNESCO
I have given talks and interviews on Spanish National Radio and on Spanish Television, Channel 2.


The following composition is a melody that I composed when I was living in Tetuan. In the year 2010 it was chosen as principal theme of the disc of ” Hammam Al Andalus ” after I won the competition, which was organized at an international level.

"Creo que Nizar Liemlahi está haciendo una muy buena labor multicultural con su enseñanza en Granada de la lengua árabe. En el ámbito artístico, su composición musical "Tierra prometida", que aparece en el disco Música del Hammam, es de una exquisita sensibilidad, así como un fiel ejemplo de la actual música andalusí" Premio internacional de poesía Federico García Lorca - Premio Nacional de Literatura de España

RAFAEL GUILLÉN (Poeta español)



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